Why Choose Experienced Business Immigration Attorneys, Not An Immigration Agency?

American businesses frequently need to hire employees for jobs that cannot be filled by American workers, often due to a labor shortage or in order to hire specific skills and talent. Recruiting and hiring international labor and specialty employees is critical to the success of many American businesses. With constantly changing immigration laws and interpretations, managing complicated immigration applications and documentation to recruit and hire foreign talent can be confusing, time-consuming and expensive for a business.  

Why Hire A Business Immigration Attorney

Businesses including health care, technology, agriculture, gas and oil and education often need to source global talent and the specialized skills that foreign employees can provide.   

A business immigration attorney can help employers obtain work visas for foreigners and protect the rights of businesses and individuals in immigration-related matters. An employment immigration lawyer has the training and experience to provide legal advice on immigration issues and provide solutions when unexpected problems occur, and, if needed, represent you on immigration-related matters in court or at a USCIS hearing. 

Business immigration legal services include: 

  • H-1B temporary visas
  • Business visitors 
  • L-1 Intra-Company transfers
  • Family immigration for a foreign employee’s families 

An employment immigration attorney can save businesses time and money by smoothing the immigration process and providing effective solutions that protect the company. 

What Is An Immigration Agency?
U.S. immigration consultants are not certified and are not required to have any legal experience or background in immigration law. An immigration agency can provide non-legal information and assistance such as help filling out forms, translating documents, submitting completed forms to USCIS and making referrals to immigration attorneys. While immigration consultants can provide useful information to foreigners who are relocating to the United States, they cannot provide immigration legal advice or guidance to a business that is hiring foreign employees. 

Immigration Consultant Fraud
Unfortunately, there are instances of immigration consultant fraud and abuse, such as when an immigration agency promises a business or an individual that they have a “special relationship” with USCIS agents or says they can provide legal services that they are not legally allowed permitted to offer. 

It is illegal for an immigration consultant to:

  • Represent you in court or at a USCIS hearing 
  • Provide legal advice on immigration applications and benefits  
  • Advice on what to say during an immigration interview
  • Give legal assistance concerning naturalization procedures 

A business immigration attorney provides the needed immigration legal services and solutions that an immigration agency cannot offer. If your business needs solutions and a smooth visa process for your foreign employees, contact Farmer, Farmer & Brown’s knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys to schedule a consultation to build a plan for your business.

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