Universities and Higher Education

Colleges and Universities face the difficult task of preparing students to be successful in their future careers. To work towards that goal and remain competitive, higher education institutions work to foster inclusive campus cultures and employ dynamic teams of faculty, scholars, researchers and professional staff.

Employment of International Faculty and Staff

Higher education institutions have increasingly experienced difficulty finding qualified educators. Most of the time these institutions have one primary goal for hiring foreign-born professionals: They look to hire the best person for the job, regardless of country of origin. Fortunately for them, even in today’s immigration landscape, higher education professionals have well-established avenues to come to enter the United States.

Colleges and Universities need the tools to recruit and retain the most talented professors, faculty and executive team, regardless of their country of origin. Non-profit colleges and universities can sponsor professionals on H-1B visas outside of the numerical cap. Other immigration options exist depending on the experience, expertise and country of origin of the foreign national.

H-1B visas are the cornerstone of higher education immigration. Non-profit colleges, universities and research facilities are not beholden to the annual H-1B “cap” and its restrictive timeline or lottery.

Farmer, Farmer & Brown supports your hiring process, submitting H-1B petitions, or training your human resources team in I-9 compliance.

Higher Education Immigration Services:

  • Employment Visas for Faculty and Staff
  • I-9 Compliance
  • PERM and Labor Certification
  • SEVIS Certification and SEVP Compliance
  • Student Visas
  • Designated School Official Training

If you need help establishing a foreign student program, hiring international faculty, or if you are considering a change in immigration counsel, Farmer, Farmer & Brown can help you outline a strategy for your institution and help you build an international workforce.