TN Visas

Finding the right candidates to fill professional roles in your company can often be very challenging. Frequently, US citizens are unwilling to relocate or are not qualified for the position, which can leave you struggling to fill open positions at your company.

For many companies, importing talented professionals from Mexico or Canada has been an effective solution. Thanks to the TN NAFTA Program, companies can bring in temporary professionals to meet their needs without as many barriers as other work visas. 

TN Visa Requirements:

  • Citizen of Canada or Mexico.
  • Qualified under one of the accepted NAFTA professions.
  • Evidence that the position in the United States requires a NAFTA professional.
  • Have a part-time or full-time job with a U.S. employer. Self-employment is not accepted for this visa.
  • Evidence that the participant matches the credentials and educational requirements of the position.

The initial period of stay for a TN visa holder in the U.S. is between one and three years. After that, the visa holder can apply for renewals, which are generally granted in three-year increments. TN visa holders can apply for extensions indefinitely, so long as the position remains available.

Understanding who qualifies for this type of Visa is very important since only certain professions quality. If you are interested in reviewing the list of professions that qualify, you can visit our List of Professions.

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