Nobody wants to wait until they are audited to find out they are not in compliance with I-9 program requirements. Even seemingly inconsequential record keeping mistakes and omissions can result in huge fines. It is important to be consistent and thorough when you review your I-9 forms and maintain your files.

ICE is increasingly raiding businesses and HR departments searching for I-9 errors. Even one missing I-9 form can cost an employer more than $1,000, and you can face penalties up to $16,000 for a missing I-9 for an unauthorized employee. You should always be organized and ready in the event that immigration agents knock at your door, and one way to ensure this is to conduct your own audits at regular intervals.

  • Check your workforce headcount against the I-9 forms on file
  • Take action immediately if a form is missing and create a new form
  • Do not backdate the form
  • If an employee cannot provide the necessary documents, ensure the procedure is to terminate them or put them on unpaid leave until you can resolve the matter.
  • Check for expired forms that need to be reverified

Having the right I-9 forms on file is essential to prevent penalties and other issues with immigration officials. In the event of an ICE audit, you should immediately seek defense representation from an experienced employment immigration attorney.

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