COVID-19 is Not the Biggest Threat to Your Business.

Protect Yourself From The Department Of Labor Audits.

With the Coronavirus outbreak disrupting the global economy, businesses in the U.S. face more uncertainty than they have in over 100 years. On top of this, there are other threats that companies cannot ignore forget such as the Department of Labor audits.

According to The Census Bureau, there are approximately 7.7 million establishments across the country where at least one paid employee worked. The DOL inspection statistics report states that in 2019 there were 131,065 audits conducted across the US and different industries, where they found 72,491 violations, which means about 55% of businesses audited aren’t compliant with regulations. According to statistics, over 20% of these cases have penalties for over $10,000.00.

According to the DOL 67% of the violations found, come from deficient filers and the remaining 33% from non-filers, so whether you need to make sure you are following proper procedures to remain compliant with DOL regulations or you need to start, our team of attorneys will get you there.

While the DOL can audit any type of employer, officials often target lower-wage industries. These can include employers involving healthcare, food service, agriculture, manufacturing, childcare, security services, motels, hotels, janitorial services, seasonal industries, and temporary workers. It is important for these companies and others to understand the audit process and be prepared for an audit at any time.

While having the assistance of an attorney is not necessary during audits, it can help prevent incorrect findings by the DOL auditor and prepare to defend against alleged violations. We can also help you perform a self-audit to ensure that you are in full compliance with the law, even in the absence of a DOL audit.

Companies that are proactive when it comes to DOL compliance and audits can often mitigate damages and penalties. Call Farmer, Farmer & Brown Law Firm at (512) 645-2358 or email us at to discuss labor audit representation services from our attorneys.

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