Things to know if you already have an H-2A program in place.

Compliance with US immigration laws is vital to your company’s success.

The H-2A program allows farmers who employ individuals in the United States to hire foreign employees to fill temporary labor jobs, according to US immigration laws.

If you already have an H-2A program in place, it is important that you are aware of some rules to follow while your workers are in the US.

Employers of H-2A workers must notify USCIS within 2 workdays if any of the following occur:

  • No show: The worker fails to report to work within 5 workdays of the latter of the employment start date on the H-2A petition, or the start date established by the employer.
  • Abscondment: The H-2A worker leaves without notice and fails to report for work for 5 consecutive workdays without the consent of the employer.
  • Termination: The H-2A worker is terminated before completing of the H-2A labor or services for which he or she was hired.
  • Early Completion: The H-2A worker finishes the labor or services for which he or she was hired more than 30 days earlier than the date specified in the H-2A petition.

            Each notification must contain: the reason for the notification, the reason for untimely notification and evidence for good cause, the USCIS receipt number of the approved H-2A petition, the petitioner’s and employer information (name, address, phone number, employer identification number), the H-2A worker’s information (Full Name, Date of birth, Place of birth, Last known physical address and phone number. If available social security number and visa number)

We know that the follow up with your workers and administrating their status can be a lot, but with the help of a top immigration law firm, this process can be less of a burden on your business.

To get more information about starting your H2A program to hire reliable temporary labor, call us and schedule a consultation with our immigration attorneys. Phone (770)-422-4241 or

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