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Immigration Solutions for your Labor Shortage.

Finding the right employee for your company’s open positions is a challenge, especially for positions in higher demand or in areas where workers are difficult to find or retain. Many of our clients find that looking outside the United States when hiring both labor and specialty employees is a perfect solution, not only for filling the open positions but also to solve problems like frequent turnover and its associated costs.  

Sponsoring workers from other nations is the answer for many businesses, but the paperwork involved is daunting and takes precious time away from managing day-to-day operations and profitability. 

Farmer, Farmer & Brown’s knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys are here to provide effective legal solutions so you can access the best and brightest wherever in the world that talent resides. Our firm can help you obtain both non-immigrant and immigrant work visas in order to fulfill your business’s needs. 

We are proud to partner with energy corporations, construction companies, technology companies, agricultural companies, and many other businesses in specialized fields to legally procure exceptional foreign talent. 

To learn how your company can benefit by utilizing international talent, get in touch with Farmer, Farmer & Brown today and let us help your company reach its full potential. 

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

United States immigration laws and procedures are complicated, and it is important to have the right legal assistance throughout the entire process. Our experienced immigration lawyers regularly assist both individuals and companies with many types of immigration matters.

Business Immigration

We offer our customers new, smart and innovative methods for recruiting and retaining quality workers.

Family-Based Immigration

There are many reasons to pursue permanent residence or United States citizenship and every case is different.


There are many issues that may arise during and after filing for, recruiting, and placing workers from other nations in the U.S.

Services Provided

Farmer, Farmer & Brown also can help with other immigration-based needs you may have.



The FFB team goes above when it comes to keeping us compliant and helping us learn more each day.
Blake Alewelt
Farmer, Farmer & Brown are fantastic to work with and really take care of our company. We appreciate their help and council.
Stacey Reinhart

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Complimentary Guide

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